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Our Story

How We Came to Be

Winter4Kids (W4K) at the National Winter Activity Center was founded out of a National Winter Sports Education Foundation (now Share Winter) initiative. W4K is the physical representation of the mission to introduce 100,000 kids to winter activities in a sustainable way. With the enthusiastic support of committed board members and other stakeholders, the National Winter Activity Center re-engineered and re-purposed the former Hidden Valley as the home of Winter4Kids and its Programs. From the very start, we were envisioned as the vehicle to “Improve the lives, health, and fitness of youth through winter activities”. Since the pilot in 2015, we have made the difference in the lives of over 10,000 kids. By 2027, we will be serving 10,000 kids annually.

In 2021 we piloted Summer4Kids. The summer experiences on our National Winter Activity Center campus builds on our impact assisting our youth in developing better attitudes about themselves (Self Esteem), their health (Mental, Physical and Nutrition), new opportunities, mastery and a love of the outdoors as a safe space to enjoy and grow.


How Winter4Kids is Helping Kids

"The main benefit I see from our city kids visiting the Center is being able to overcome their fear of something new and challenging themselves to learn how to ski"
Latoya Jackson
"We want to thank you for taking your time and teaching us how to ski. We also want to thank you for helping us up to when we fell, you told us not to give up. Thank you for the food. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for showing us how to put on our shoes and skis, you are an amazing coach!"
Hawkins Street School Group 8
"It was a wonderful experience for our students. They were shocked that they were able to ski and do so well. They can't wait to return next year. All of my kids had a wonderful time. And the staff was phenomenal along with the facility. I personally say thatnk you for giving our children an opportunity to experience winter sports in a new a vision. It filled my heart with joy and made these journeys worth the sacrifice of changing my schedule to chaperone them on this venture. I was able to reflect on my days on the slopes during college. I look forward to spearheading this adventure again next season with more children. And my children that went this year will be my pioneers and advocates for encouraging new comers to step out of the box and join them at W4K..."
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School